Format Source Code for Blogging Tool

So today here I am, coming up with a Source Code Formatting Tool for Blogging. Previously
I had a post regarding How To Format My Source Code for Blogging? which explained
the use of SyntaxHighlighter to format your source code for blogging. But now I feel it kinda slow down the blog to load a post. So I decided to create a tool that will provide me with Formatted HTML Code of my Source Code to post in a blog. There will be a series of such tools e.g.

  • Format HTML Source Code for Blogging
  • Format XML Source Code for Blogging
  • Format ASPX Source Code for Blogging
  • Format Javascript Source Code for Blogging
  • Format SQL Source Code for Blogging
  • Format C# Source Code for Blogging
  • Format VB.NET Source Code for Blogging
  • Format CSS Source Code for Blogging

and much more. Right now, I have this tool, which will format your HTML/XML/ASPX
source sode for blogging. What you need to do is Paste your Source Code in the given
Text Area and your formatted source code will be provided in the other Text Area.
Just copy it and paste it in your blog post or where ever you want.

And thats that!

P.S. Other Source Code Formatting Tool will be coming shortly or they will get embedded in current
tool may.

Happy Coding!
Happy Shoding!

::HTML-XML-ASPX Source Code Formatting Tool::

Tab size:

Copy the HTML below to your clipboard.

This is an example of what your text will look like.
• Tabs are converted to spaces.
• Quotes and other special characters are converted to HTML.
• Everything is enclose in HTML's 'pre' and 'code' tags.
• Style is set.
• Fixed width font.
• Shaded box.
• Dotted line border. 

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