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MS SQL Server Function to Insert Line Break in String

Today I came across a situation where I had to break a string coming from SQL and show it in different lines on HTML. I know it's a weird situation, but so is programming :) I googled for it but couldn't find an exact solution so I decided to write an SQL user-defined function myself. While writing a function a thought why only limit it to a line-break (<br/>) So i made it more generic. here is the function: CREATE   FUNCTION   [dbo] . Stringlinebreak ( @String   NVARCHAR ( 1000 ) ,                                          @Length   INT ,                                          @Char     VARCHAR ( 5 ) )   returns   NVARCHAR ( max )      BEGIN          DECLARE   @ReturnString   NVARCHAR ( max )          DECLARE   @ActualLength   INT          DECLARE   @I   INT          SET   @ReturnString   =   @String          SELECT   @ActualLength   =   Len ( @String )          IF (   @ActualLength   >   (   @Length   *   2   )   )            BEGIN                SET   @I  

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